Advertising and Business Marketing

Advertising is an important part of business marketing. The success of an advertisement means a big profit for the company. To state a single exact definition of the term “Advertising” is impossible as there are numerous definitions given by many renowned professionals and academics in the field. Some define an advertisement as a paid form of communications promotion of a product, service, or event, knowledge of which is spread or popularized among people by various other means too.

In other words, an ad is also defined as a one way communication whereby the people are made aware of a product, service or event that they should know about for their welfare or benefit, and at the same time the advertiser can earn some profit and incite further interest for that particular thing. To learn about the most effective ways of attracting new customers and profits, consider The Magnetic Marketing System Toolkit.

For a long time man has used several means and styles of advertising, many of which some are still running successfully, while new and modern methods of advertising have also been introduced. The major mediums of advertisement are newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, billboards, radio, television, internet, video games, electronic display boards, mobile phones, certain kinds of announcements, cassettes, point of purchase etc. It is not uncommon for all this to be handled on the advertisers’ behalf by a multi media advertising agency.

The ways of processing an advertisement for each medium chosen is different. The only similarity between them is that their main aim is the promotion of the product. For advertising in the printed mediums such as newspapers, magazines etc., only the main points are given which will attract the target audience. While in the electronic media there can generally be a greater exploration of the product and its potential. Nowadays mobile phones are becoming a more popular medium of advertising where a large number of people can be approached personally.

Advertising of all kinds is based on a principle called AIDA. According to this principle, the letters define the proposed impact of the advertisements on the general public, that is, A- Attention, I- Interest, D- Desire and A- Action. As a person comes into contact with an advertisement the first thing that the advertisement does is to attract the attention of the person towards the product or the subject. Next, it creates an interest in his mind and this leads to the rise of a desire in the person to go and buy the thing that is being advertised. Thus, the last step that is taken by the person is action; that means the person purchases the product or service.

There are certain basic rules of advertising which rotate around the target audience for a particular campaign. Based on the type and characteristic of the target audience, the advertisement is designed to meet their aspirations and then broadcast via the chosen media. Important factors in the target audience are the age group, the tastes and choices of that particular social grouping.

Advertisements are used for several things but the basic purpose in all ads is the same, i.e. to bring the product to the attention of the public. The product has to be promoted and made popular. Various attributes or factors that are advertised, and of particular importance are the brand and the price, and where the product can be obtained.

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